Active period of Flagships’ implementation, S3 Ecosystem development and EUSBSR revision work ongoing in PA INNO

In 2018-2020, PA INNO activities are centered around the implementation of the PA INNO Strategic Action Plan 2016-2020 – with a special focus on regional innovation ecosystems and smart specialization, digitalization related research cooperation, ongoing flagships, kickstart activities such as the real-time economy concept, as well as on related capacity building. New areas and topics of innovation cooperation are identified and supported on a process basis. For example, a smart city related initiative has been prepared. The goal is to facilitate and provide co-creation platforms for new ideas and BSR opportunities. This would best enable the identification of potential new flagship ideas. The overall framework of the PACINNO-2 project activities are based on the PA INNO Strategy Guide 2016-2020 and the tasks of the policy area coordinators as outlined in the EUSBSR Action Plan, as well as on the renewed mandate of PACs by PA INNO SC meeting on 12 June 2017. The EUSBSR revision process has started in late 2018, and it will be a major task for PA INNO in 2019. PA INNO has already contributed to the process through an interview with the DG Regio consultant, and through national coordinators.

PA INNO activity report (August 2018 – January 2019):