Baltic Leadership Programme for Cluster Managers – Developing Strategy and Skills for International Collaboration

The Baltic Leadership Programme (BLP) for Cluster Managers is an unique training programme for clusters, starting in Autumn of 2017. The programme received a large number of applications, and 28 out of the 50 applicants have been invited to attend.


Dates and locations for the Baltic Leadership Programme for Cluster Managers are:

  • Module 1: 24-26 October 2017 in Stockholm
  • Module 2: 4-5 December 2017 in Helsinki
  • Module 3: 6-8 February 2018 in Copenhagen


The need of Cluster Manager training on internationalization was initially outlined in a working paper named “Clustering and SME-development” feeding into Policy Area Innovation Strategy Guide 2016-2020. PA-Innovation has used its kick-start activity to initiate the development of this programme together with PA-Education and Swedish Institute. A pre-study was conducted to clearly establish a demand driven content for the training, and the report can be downloaded here. The prestudy has involved close to 100 clusters from across the Baltics, mainly through a survey but also through two workshops. The programme pre-study was financed by Swedish Institute, and partly by PA-Innovation.

It is clear from the pre-study, leading to the design of this Baltic Leadership Programme, that training and support to develop Internationalization Strategies as well as designing activities to support SME internationalization is of priority for Cluster Managers. All participants selected for the programme have a focus on collaboration with other clusters/actors in the Baltic Sea Region to improve their own cluster performance.


The BLP for Cluster Managers will be organized and funded by Swedish Institute, still in close collaboration with Policy Area Innovation and Policy Area Education.

You will be able to follow the BLP for Cluster Managers here at PA-Innovation website , since we will invite participants to provide their own thoughts and reflections through twitter and as guest writers.

Evaluation and reflections on improvement of this first BLP for Cluster Managers is of priority, both for PA-Innovation and PA-Education. This programme is viewed to be a pilot with the ambition, if being successful, to offer an additional 200 Cluster Managers training during next three years.

Please contact us at Policy Area Innovation if you have any queries.


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