Baltic TRAM Approach to the Diffusion of Research-Intense Solutions

The closure months of the Baltic TRAM project is a good timing for outlining in a greater detail to the EUSBSR PA Innovation audiences the achievements of the project which forms part of the Baltic Science Link flagship.

It should be pointed out right away that the majority of aspects presented in this project story are modelled according to the most recent call of the Let´s Communicate team to share more in-depth insights on the project-based developments which help to bring the overall aspirations of the EUSBSR into reality. Baltic TRAM submission for this particular call serves as the key reference point for the project story’s structure. The Let’s Communicate call was kept in mind in order to highlight those specific Baltic TRAM angles, which have been less pronounced in earlier online publications but are equally important components for a successful establishment and operation of a macro-regional science-business interface.

Baltic TRAM story is presented by Ott Rebane, Industrial Liaison Officer, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu and a representative of the Baltic TRAM Industrial Research Centre based in Estonia and Zane Šime, Communication and Research Coordinator at the CBSS Secretariat, Baltic TRAM Work Package 3 Leader.

Read the Baltic TRAM (Transnational Research Access in the Macro-Region) story here: