Becoming a Policy Area Innovation Flagship

After the publication of the Policy Area Innovation (PA-INNO) Strategy Guide and the accompanying Monitoring Guide, the flagship nomination procedure has been developed to reflect the priorities set out for future activities. Policy Area Innovation now invite collaborations that contribute to the implementation of the priorities outlined in the Strategy Guide to apply for Flagship Status. (Why become a Flagship? Read here)

Collaborations invited to apply for nomination can either be process oriented activities, running over a longer time period, or individual project operations of strategic importance and relevance to the implementation of the PA-INNO Strategy Guide and the ambitions outlined in the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

The flagship application form corresponds to the official template provided by the European Commission. It has been complemented with sections covering Policy Area Innovation’s additional selection criteria for flagships as corresponding to the objectives and indicators in the PA-INNO Strategy Guide.

Please download the template here -> PA-INNO Flagship Nomination template

The application deadline for this round of nomination is the 30th of May, 2017. Applications are to be submitted to the policy area coordinators.



Niclas Forsling – nicfor@norden.org
Tomasz Jalukowicz – Tomasz.jalukowicz@mnisw.gov.pl
Reet Reismaa – reet.reismaa@mkm.ee