BSR Stars S3 – Learning and conclusions for the BSR S3 Ecosystem

BSR Stars S3, an EUSBSR PA Innovation flagship project (May 2016-April 2019) focused  on smart specialisation within the bio-, circular and digital economy in the Baltic Sea Region. The project explored methods and tools that enable cross-sectoral cooperation between innovation actors (companies, researchers and the public sector) with an emphasis on improving innovation capacity at the macro-regional level. By selecting and testing different tools and methods, the project has gained valuable insights into mechanisms that support actors from different innovation communities, and across different BSR regions, to work together and generate new ideas, partnerships and innovation opportunities. As such, the project offers a unique perspective into transnational S3 activities within the BSR.

BSR Stars S3 has generated a wide range of methods, reports and events related to innovation collaboration. The major themes have been stakeholder involvement and innovation ecosystem management. This report focuses on a selection of the BSR Stars S3 activities with possible scope to upscale and / or transfer learning and methods to other BSR geographies or economic sectors. These are:

o Matchmaking events
o Transnational business coaching
o Transnational Innovation Voucher pilot
o S3 Accelerator Camp
o Transnational research-to-business platform
o Digital Innovation Ecosystem Management Tool

Furthermore, the report provides a vision of the “BSR S3 ecosystem” – a new strategic framework at the macro-regional level to support capacity building for Smart Specialisation across the BSR capitalising on the learning and results of S3 projects across the macro-region.

Please find the report here. The report has been prepared by Johanna Leino from The Baltic Institute of Finland, and Alison Hunter from Economic and Public Policy Consultancy.