Introducing the flagship BSR Digi co-lab

The new PA Innovation flagship BSR Digi co-lab is an evolved version of the former “Cross-border e-services” flagship, renamed and reshaped in order to increase the innovation capacity in the digital policy area. BSR Digi co-lab is an umbrella-type flagship tasked to implement the PA Innovation Strategy Guide and with the aim to enhance digital cooperation in order to accelerate the process towards the Baltic Sea Region digital market. The increased capacity is achieved through strengthening the knowledge base and supporting transnational collaboration between national decision makers, stakeholders and key actors of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the BSR countries by creating a set of projects and activities. The flagship promotes boosting networking in the digital field, capacity building of innovation key actors, digitalization of SMEs, more efficient and faster cross-border services and much more.


Two of the current transnational collaboration projects under the BSR Digi co-lab umbrella are the IoB (Internet of Business) and DIGINNO (Digital Innovation Network) projects.


The IoB project is aimed at developing a secure and standardised network based on real-time economy concept, where all business transactions are in digital format, generated largely automatically and completed in real time. Through testing various opportunities that could help entrepreneurs exchange e-invoices and other e-documents across border in real time IoB aims to find solutions to help companies save money and time while increasing the efficiency of a specialised profession as well as increasing export capacities. The process of exchanging e-documents directly across Europe also saves taxpayers’ money.


The DIGINNO project is tasked with the challenge to increase the capacity of aiding policy makers, industry associations and industrial SMEs to enable faster and more efficient uptake of digital solutions both in public and private sector. Specific parts of DIGINNO’s task is to increase the uptake of ICT in the business sector and specifically in SMEs, increase the innovation and interoperability of public services with a focus on G2B cross-border services and the increase of cooperation and coordination of digital policies on the macro-regional level. DIGINNO will also produce a company digitalization toolkit for SMEs, 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services with feasibility analyses and proofs of concepts, and a White Paper with policy rekommandations.


Reet Reismaa

Policy Area Coordinator Innovation

Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications