New name for PA-Innovation digital flagship

The Steering Group of PA Innovation has approved a new name for the flagship Cross-border e-services in the Baltic Sea Region. The approved new name of the flagship is BSR Digi co-lab: Transnational Digital Collaboration in the BSR.

The Digi-umbrella is a set of projects which are relevant and directly connected to priorities of Digitalisation, described in the PA Innovation Strategy Guide 2016-2020. The need to change the name of the digital flagship lies in the fact that area of digitalisation is much broader than the current name and scope of the flagship allows to cover.

The BSR Digi co-lab flagship initiative within PA-Innovation will undertake numerous projects and actions to implement the PA-Innovation Strategy Guide. A systematic and structured approach is needed to increase the innovation capacity in the digital policy area, by strengthening the knowledge base and supporting transnational collaboration between national decision makers, stakeholders and key actors of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the Baltic Sea Region Countries.

Two funded sub-projects are in loop of flagship, e.g. DIGINNO (Digital Innovation Network) and IoB (Internet of Business). In the future, there will be more new projects.

For more information about the DIGINNO project, click here.


Reet Reismaa
Policy Area Coordinator Innovation
Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications