Pioneer projects developed by the ERDF MA-network

During the spring of 2017, the ERDF MA-network initiated a pilot project called “Cleaner Growth”. The objective was to develop transnational collaboration proposals to help regions implementing smart specialization strategies focusing on cleantech. Out of the five project collaboration proposals delivered by the pilot project “Cleaner Growth”, the MA network has now chosen two pioneer projects that will be pursued under the Clean Growth umbrella. These projects are Jointly Entering New Markets and Commercializing Forest-Based Protein – Verification and Improvement of Protein Quality.

The first project, Jointly Entering New Markets, will seek to increase capacity building in regional intermediary actors and strengthen information exchange between these actors in order to increase knowledge concerning entering new challenging markets. These new challenging markets are mostly located in Eastern Europe, central Asia and China. Through utilizing synergies and the pooling of information on door openers and business leads, appropriate investments will be identified and analysis of the cultural context in the targeted countries will aid firms from member countries to break into these often opaque markets. The outcome of the project will be a common business strategy in regards to each target market, which will then be a lasting resource too all members and their firms.

The second project, Commercializing forest-based protein – verification and improvement of protein quality, aims to extract more value from the forest trough growing microorganisms from wood’s processing waste, converting low-value forest based residues to a valuable protein source for fish agriculture. The project will more concretely improve process economics through evaluating protein quality parameters and the different options available to increase protein quality. Further, a consortium will be formed for larger-scale evaluation in feeding trails and evaluation of the fish product in order to reduce investor risk. Lastly, the project will raise awareness through the consortia and different communication activities.

The ERDF MA-network is looking forward to the beneficial results sure to stem from these projects.