State of the Digital Region 2017

New Report on the Baltic Sea Region’s Digital Transformation: “The future is not jobless, but learning intensive”

The State of the Digital Region 2017: Exploring Automation, Education and Learning in the Baltic Sea Region Report from Top of Digital Europe, ICT think tank for the Baltic Sea Region has been released with some interesting insights for the region’s policy makers to reflect upon.

The report is the region’s most comprehensive overview of how the countries in the BSR, often ranked as global digital frontrunners, are performing within the digital economy, with recommendations to how they can retain their presence as a leading global ICT hub.

This year, the report’s spotlight turns to automation, education and learning, asking the question: how can BSR countries set the right framework and conditions, to ensure current and future workers possess the required skills and competences relevant in a rapidly changing and increasingly hard to predict digital labour market?

The report highlights the importance of macro regional cooperation in preparing labour markets for future developments, it suggests a region wide education testbed, a shift towards lifelong learning institutions, and policy and regulation incentives for businesses to test new configurations of tasks and jobs.

Top of Digital Europe is a collaboration between Baltic Development Forum and Microsoft. The 2017 report is the initiatives third annual publication. You can download all the reports here.

Contact Baltic Development Forum, Head of Digital and Public Affairs, Torben Aaberg, for more information.