Themes and actions of priority for Policy Area Innovation

Policy Area Innovation’s themes and actions of priority have been discussed among the EUSBSR member states representatives in the Policy Area Innovation Steering Committee. The themes and actions of priority discussed were condensed into a non-paper with the purpose to inform future project consortiums of what is of priority to Policy Area Innovation.

Prioritised themes and actions

The activities of Policy Area Innovation are mostly carried out by flagships. After assessing ongoing flagship project activities it is clear that the following two themes with listed priority actions are of highest priority for PA-Innovation to address:

Theme: Digitalisation

  1. “promoting innovation in the ICT sector and support for digital start-ups”,
  2. “increase the uptake of ICT in SMEs” and
  3. “increasing digital trust and cybersecurity, propelling the uptake of digital solutions in SMEs”

 Theme: Talent Management and Entrepreneurship

  1. “talent exchange between different hubs”
  2. “further developing the ability to foster talent”
  3. “sharing experiences of support measure relating to innovative entrepreneurship in the BSR”
  4. “activities to increase talent density”

In general, PA-Innovation welcomes projects that develop national StartUp Ecosystems into a Pan Baltic StartUp ecosystem.

Other themes and actions

Furthermore, Policy Area Innovation also welcomes further activities within the following 4 themes:

Theme: SME internationalization

  1. “Developing the Enterprise Europe Network to work with and contribute to clusters”.
  2. “Helping to “package system solutions” from clusters and linking these to other markets in the region”

 Theme: Smart specialization strategies

  1. “Exploring the potential for a Smart specialisation Vanguard initiative in the BSR”.

 Theme: Test Beds and Innovation Infrastructure

  1. promoting public procurement in new innovative measures in order to create new and open test beds”

 Theme: Clustering and other Innovation Support Structures

  1. “linking cluster processes to smart specialization strategies” and
  2. “creating incentives for cross-cluster collaboration on innovation”

Please read PA-Innovation Strategy Guide 2016-2020 for more elaborative descriptions on themes and priority actions.

Future calls

Further efforts and activities within the themes and areas above are encouraged. Please contact the Policy Area Coordinatiors: Niclas Forsling, Tomasz Jałukowicz and Reet Reismaa with input to relevant activities.